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Rescue 3

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Rescue 3 Europe is the European division of Rescue 3 International, and has been set up to manage all Rescue 3 operations in Europe.

Rescue 3 Europe is responsible for both the certification and the post certification updates of all European Rescue 3 Instructors and along with our quality assurance program of Instructors we are also responsible for the provision and development of student resources, and the development of new European Rescue courses.

To-date there are Rescue 3 certified Instructors throughout Europe both within the European Fire & Rescue Service, Mountain and water rescue teams and other outdoor professional establishments. Additionally there are a number of training centres and individuals who offer Rescue 3 courses on a commercial basis in most European countries.

All our courses are internationally recognized and form the base training for many emergency services, whitewater professionals and Rescue teams. Rescue 3 courses are an intensive mix of ... seguir leyendo »

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